Keswick Youth is part of Keswick Ministries and is committed to teaching God's word to young people.

Each year Keswick Ministries runs the Keswick Convention. The Convention is all about teaching people about God and His word and Keswick Youth is no different. Through teaching, seminars, small group study, singing (plus some little extras!) God's word is taught and it's relevance to all our lives is explained.

There are meetings for all ages at Keswick and Keswick Youth is in charge of the 11-14s and 14-18s. A typical day involves Bible teaching in the morning plus sessions looking at stuff like big questions or practical ways of living as one of God's people.

Afternoons are free to do what you want. In the evenings there's more teaching followed by late night where all sorts of stuff can and will happen!

All is tied together by the desire to see God's word taught and to help people see how amazing and relevant He is to us all.

The Keswick Convention website has all the info. you'll need to know about the convention. Please click here to find out more.